Professional Event Photography in Pittsburgh, PA

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Photographer, Mama, Wife, Friend


clicks camera
documents day
captures emotion
gets the play by play
captures personalities
sneaks candids
loves light
highlights cute quirks
notices special bonds
becomes a friend
catches little moments
pays attention to detail
geeks out over a great shot
loves talking shop
still cries at weddings
goes with the flow
gets it ALL

Mama, Wife, Friend

always playing outside
big time cuddler
mechanic to Lightning Mcqueen
hair braider
bike rider
gives out lots of kisses
prioritizes date nights
laughs too loud
sings karaoke
appreciates the little things
enjoys a good microbrew
just learned how to wakeboard
couldn’t walk the next day
knows time flies
always trying to improve balancing it all
soaks in every “I love you” ♥
happiest with her fam